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The vlog channel consists of family videos and featured Leblanc, her siblings, Hayley and Caleb, and her parents. As of this writing, the channel has more than 7 million subscribers.

2. Oakley proved an expert shot at a young age.

According to People , the name of the channel came from a family nickname for Hayley which combined "brat" with her name. The moniker stuck, and it became the name of her YouTube channel which quickly become a family channel. But the channel isn't only responsible for launching Annie LeBlanc's career. Her little sister, Hayley, is also a YouTube star in her own right with more than 1 million subscribers on her personal channel.

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Tragically, the oldest "Bratayley" sibling passed away in He was just 13 years old when he died, leaving his family and his fans devastated. His incredibly funny, loving and wonderful spirit made us all fall in love with him as a YouTuber, friend, brother and son. The family broadcast the memorial service on Facebook and Periscope in order to help Caleb's fans process the heartbreaking news.

The impact of his loss deeply affected the family, who still posts pictures of Caleb regularly on the Bratayley Instagram account.

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Being a teenager isn't easy, but when you're growing up in the spotlight, things can be even harder. It always helps to have someone in your corner, and Annie LeBlanc fortunately has the perfect person for that.

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While some girls her age might clash with their moms, LeBlanc and her mom are super close, and she can count on her mom for help navigating whatever life throws at her. LeBlanc told Girls' Life that she always goes to her mom for advice. Whether it's coping with superstardom or just getting through the teen years and puberty, a support system like what LeBlanc has in her mom can make a huge difference.

Some teenagers might balk at being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age, but not Annie LeBlanc. The singer is susceptible to nerves like most of us, but she's got a pre-performance routine in place to shake off any lingering stage fright. How does LeBlanc get ready for her performances? By listening to music , of course. But not just any music — LeBlanc listens to her own songs to shake off those jitters. It might seem weird at first, but listening to your own music is definitely one way to get you in the mood to perform it.

We also can't blame her for wanting to listen to catchy songs like " Picture This " and " Ordinary Girl. In addition to listening to a playlist of her own music to get in the zone, LeBlanc also makes sure to drink lots of water, to apply Chapstick, and to avoid stress before performances. Teenage life is stressful, but, when it's compounded with the pressure of being a celebrity, it's must be downright overwhelming.

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So, you have to wonder how Annie LeBlanc keeps it all together. When your life is so busy, you need some good coping mechanisms in order to deal with it all. Fortunately, LeBlanc has the perfect way to unwind from a stressful day: Netflix. LeBlanc loves to have Netflix marathons in bed, complete with popcorn, as reported by Girls' Life.

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Other favorite ways she unwinds include hanging out in her backyard by the pool and playing with her dogs. She also likes to light up some candles to help soothe her after a long day. Her favorite? Given that Annie LeBlanc said she's a "movie person," she, of course, has a favorite flick that she loves watching. The teenager is a Nicholas Sparks fan whose previous favorite movie, The Last Song , was displaced by a classic movie also based on one of Sparks' books, The Notebook.

Keep in mind that The Notebook was released in the summer of , before LeBlanc was even born , making her favorite movie choice kind of a retro one at least from her perspective. Her ex Gregg had just warned her that Noah seemed a little too interested in Annie and that maybe he was hiding something. I have a kid so I've gotta be careful, you know? Noah, who is actually an FBI agent trying to get Annie to incriminate her sister, looked panicked that he'd be losing his source. When Annie continued, saying she didn't know enough about Noah to judge whether or not he was a good guy, Noah decided to "reveal" something about himself.

He told Annie that he'd stolen money from his last job and lied to get his current one. Annie seemed relieved that was the worst thing he'd done Annie, come on and she brightened up. Did Annie mean she wanted to get shots to hear more about Noah's crimes?

Or is she loosening up her own tongue to tell him she's also stolen money? Considering how much trouble Annie, Beth, and Ruby have gone through to keep their secrets, it would be a shame if Annie accidentally revealed everything to an FBI Agent. She has to be smarter than that, especially since she's kept her house evidence-free — Noah wasn't able to find anything when he rifled through the place. But if any of the three women were going to accidentally let something slip, it would be Annie.

And maybe if I was just sweet enough and nice enough and easy going enough with any guy that that would be enough for someone.

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Annie is fat. Beyond that, she is and has always been told in constant, unsolicited, and seemingly unrelenting ways that being fat is wrong. She conducts herself in accordance with the way people have always treated her, both in public and in private.

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As writer Lindy West told Refinery And if the message you receive from others — and society as a whole — is always that there is something wrong with you, asking for more seems like a pointless and inconsequential endeavor. Ultimately, Shrill illustrates the gorgeously cringe-worthy process of what it looks like when Annie reckons with both the particular people and the larger social forces that are to blame for the state of her self-worth. She has to do so while she learns how to take responsibility for her life and her circumstances to become empowered. But with that being said, while personal empowerment is a universal theme for all people, it simply should not be forgotten that this process is more difficult for some than it is for others, since the more habitually you get mistreated, the more strength you need to battle the damage.

To e ven to begin this mending process usually relies on a personal epiphany.