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This ship only appears in the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" The U.

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This ship provided the main setting for the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series Riker's personal flagship. Note the third warp nacelle. Heavily damaged in "Star Trek Nemesis," it returned to Earth for refitting in spacedock. So the space shuttle was actually named after the ship from the tv show. I've always been amused by the 5th picture since that was the same Enterprise they were standing on in the movie.

It had just undergone an extensive refit just prior to the movie, but it was still the same ship. It was going to be named Constitution, but it never actually was. And President Ford didn't cite the letter-writing campaign when he asked for it to be named Enterprise. And while in the Navy he served on a ship that serviced the CV-6 Enterprise. So, officially , it's not named after the TV ship. Plutor True, it was going to be named Constitution.

An oversight on my part. However, NASA always gives the viewers write-in campaign as the reason why the name Enterprise was choosen. The cast was also invited to the rollout of the OV So this sounds official to me, even if the President didn't cite the letter.

Review: Starship: Flagship by Mike Resnick.

Or maybe he agreed with it because of the reason you stated. Now I would really like to know if the desicion was influenced by the fans or not. But in the end its still just a large pr gag if you ask me.

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SachinShekhar True, but it is hard for a book published prior to a retconning TV show to account for the future actions of said show. If I have missed something from the TOS era comment on it and I will remove this section Here are some historical examples culled from wikipedia: HMS Enterprise - first of a class of 6th-rate frigates commisioned by the British Navy USS Enterprise - first sloop-of-war captured by Colonial Navy and acted as flagship of the Lake Champlain squadron.

Enterprise - first steamboat to successfully navigate the Ohio river from Louisville to Pittsburgh opening up a new trade route. Enterprise ballon - second of 7 balloons built for the US of use in the civil war. Used in demonstration that led to the purchase of the line.

Enterprise - first in a lone of sternwheelers that would traves the Fraiser River in British Columbia HMS Enterprise D52 - One of 2 Emerald class light cruisers with prototype twin 6" turrets. Lead ship in Assault Force "U" durring invasion of Normandy. Tyson of the Northwest Tyson of the Northwest 8, 1 1 gold badge 28 28 silver badges 57 57 bronze badges.

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Building on this answer, remember that TOS was made during the Cold War by Americans, so Enterprise a capitalist term being the flagship is sort of an insult to Communism, showing the capitalism will always lead the way. N source for that? And they were both made by the same person, so I must disagree with your notion. Many episodes were anti-cold war, but there was a fair amount of rah-rah Americanism as well.

See "the Omega Glory" for example. It is my uninformed hypothesis that this started the tradition of naming "firsts" Enterprise. This is nice background information, but the question is looking for an in-universe answer. Can you point us at a reference for this being the case, please?

AhrounDragon AhrounDragon 1 1 1 bronze badge. While informative, this doesn't appear to address the main question of why the flagship is named Enterprise. The question doesn't claim that the first ship of each class is called Enterprise. However, Anubis develops enhanced shielding based on Ancient technology that is resistant to the mothership's weaponry.

Each ship has automated medical treatment systems, including medical stasis pods that can be used in dire emergencies. There are advanced AI systems on board that allow the ship to be operated by a single crew member, and the main computer stores all the collected knowledge of the Asgard. The O'Neill class is the most advanced starship constructed by the Asgard to date, incorporating all of their latest technology, and is designed specifically to fight the Replicators.

Its hull is composed of an alloy of trinium , carbon and naqahdah , [32] and its armaments and defenses are, as such, substantially superior to earlier Asgard motherships. Rather than fighting the replicators with it, however, Samantha Carter suggests using the unfinished O'Neill as bait to draw the Replicators away, giving the Asgard time to evacuate their civilization. The Replicators pursue the O'Neill into hyperspace, where they are destroyed when the O'Neill self-destructs.

The Asgard science vessel is first seen in " Fragile Balance ", used by the renegade Asgard scientist Loki. Due to a Replicator threat, Thor takes the Daniel Jackson to Earth for Jack O'Neill and the knowledge of the Ancients in his mind, from which he synthesizes a Replicator disruptor and incorporates it into the Daniel Jackson to eliminate all the Replicators on Orilla. The ship is infested by Replicators, and Thor sends it into deep space to protect Earth. Its later mentioned that Thor downloaded his consciousness into the ship's computer to survive and was saved when the Dakara Superweapon destroyed all of the Replicators in the Milky Way.

The science vessel is comparable in size to a Goa'uld Ha'tak. Throughout Stargate SG-1 , a progression of Earth-built spacecraft incorporating alien technologies have been depicted. By season ten of the show, Earth possesses a small fleet of hyperspace-capable warships and spaceworthy fighters equipped with technology from the Goa'uld , Asgard , Ancients , and other sources. The X is Earth's first fighter capable of space travel, built using parts from two scavenged Goa'uld Death Gliders.

It is featured in " Tangent ". A recall program embedded in the alien computers takes over navigation and flies the fighter back to the Goa'uld, thus forcing the SGC to abandon it after rescuing the pilots: Teal'c and at the time Colonel O'Neill. The F is the successor to the X, being based on a Death Glider but built from the ground up by humans, thereby avoiding the problems faced with the original. It is introduced in " Redemption ", and becomes the mainstay of Earth's space force. It is capable of both atmospheric flight and space travel.

The original X prototype featured a hyperdrive, but it was far too unstable, and it was removed from the design. In season 6 episode "Redemption Pt2" Colonel O'Neill, used the unstable hyperdrive as a means to dispose of the overloading Stargate. During the Stargate Atlantis episode "Enemy at the Gate", Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard rallies a small squadron of Fs that are stationed on Earth against the super-hive ship bearing down on the planet, planning to launch a first strike with nuclear weapons.

However, an attack by Wraith Darts at Area 51 change those plans and they have to defend the base in an attempt to prevent the Control Chair from being destroyed. The effort fails and of the squadron, only Sheppard survives. Realizing that Earth is now defenseless, Sheppard pilots his F in a suicide mission against the super hive ship, believing that if he can board the ship with the nuclear weapon the F has been equipped with, he can destroy the ship from the inside. Sheppard manages to fly the F into the ship undetected through its fighter bay. While initially believed a suicide mission, Sheppard escapes through the hive ship's Stargate with the help of his team.

As he leaves, the fighter's nuclear weapon is successfully used to destroy the hive ship and save Earth and Atlantis from attack. It is stated in the episode that the Fs are not usually fitted with nuclear weapons and while they can be, it takes "some doing" to do so. The X is Earth's first experimental spacefaring warship, first seen in " Prometheus ". It uses both Earth and alien technologies, and has been upgraded several times in the series, notably by the Asgard. Upgrades included defensive shields, followed by reliable hyperdrive engines, and beaming technology.

On the maiden voyage, an overload caused by gravity waves destroyed the naquadriah-powered hyperdrive's buffer, leading to the ejection and destruction of the hyperdrive generator.

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The hyperdrive engines of a Goa'uld Al'kesh are used to return the ship to Earth and eventually upgraded by the Asgard. The ship is destroyed in the ninth-season episode " Ethon " by an Ori satellite. The is Earth's second-generation line of starships was originally planned to be a sister ship of the Prometheus but it was instead redesigned to better integrate the alien technologies that had been tested on the Prometheus.

Other ships of its class include the Odyssey , Apollo , and Korolev. The Sun Tzu is mentioned in the last episode of Stargate Atlantis as well as the George Hammond named in honor of the late General Hammond , which was under construction at the time. The Korolev is the only Daedalus -class ship known to have been destroyed while in combat with the Ori fleet, though it was rushed through the production-line months early, and operated by the Russians.

Other s have been severely damaged, but not destroyed. In the official continuation novel Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming , Samantha Carter tells John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan that the George Hammond is the last Daedalus class ship that will be built for quite some time as there is no money for America to build more due to the economic recession.

She also states that the Russians are in no hurry to replace the Korolev given how quickly it was destroyed and how short it lasted in service. The Goa'uld operate a variety of starships. The control systems of Goa'uld ships are based on crystals, [35] a feature copied by the Earth ship Prometheus , [36] and their design aesthetics are Egyptian in theme. The Goa'uld death glider is a fast attack fighter capable of operating in an atmosphere , [40] in space , [41] and even underwater.

Death gliders first appear in the Stargate movie. Gliders lack hyperdrives and are usually carried by Ha'taks into battle; their wings can be folded for more compact storage. Earth's F fighters are derived from the death glider design. The Goa'uld Udajeet is an intra-atmospheric variant of the Death glider which cannot operate very far from a planet's surface, nor under water, because of its open cockpit design. An Udajeet glider shares similar power systems, weapons, and other characteristics with the Death glider. The main differences are that these fighters are only used on a planet after a Ha'tak mothership has landed and opened up, as Ra's ship is seen to have done in the Stargate movie, and they only carry a single staff cannon.

In the movie, Udajeet gliders are the aircraft which can be seen flying around after Ra has landed on Abydos. We see them later, around the gate pyramid, during the part of the movie where O'Neill's team are fighting Ra's forces on the ground and in the air. These fighters are not the standard death glider, but are instead the udajeet variant of the death glider. The Tel'tak , also called a Goa'uld cargo ship or Goa'uld scoutship , is a versatile spacecraft first seen in " Deadman Switch " and in the remastered version of the pilot episode.

In Stargate SG-1 , they are often used by the Tok'ra and the rebel Jaffa for missions into Goa'uld territory due to their unobtrusive nature; [45] [46] the SGC also makes use of Tel'taks in the earlier seasons, when Earth does not yet possess its own hyperspace-capable ships. The configuration of the ship changes when in flight. It has two main sections: a cockpit in front and a cargo section in the back with a ring transporter.

go to link Tel'taks are usually unarmed, [45] though many are equipped with a cloaking device for protection. Another modified Tel'tak with two staff cannons is seen in " Bounty ". An Al'kesh is a Goa'uld medium-range bomber [35] used for ground support and as scouts. A Ha'tak or Goa'uld mothership is a large starship used by the Goa'uld. In the series, it usually refers to a class of ship consisting of a superstructure with a large, golden tetrahedron or square pyramid e.

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The word "ha'tak", first used in the episode " Exodus ", literally means "pyramid ship", and so can also refer generically to all the types of Goa'uld motherships. Ha'taks are shaped to land on pyramids , [40] although anything similar will suffice on two occasions a Ha'tak lands on Cheyenne Mountain. Along with carrying squadrons of death gliders and other support ships, as well as thousands of Jaffa troops, Ha'taks can also assault planets directly from orbit. They are protected by powerful energy shields capable of intercepting conventional, nuclear, and energy weapons.

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These shields have stopped nuclear blasts equivalent to one gigaton of TNT. After the fall of the Goa'uld, these ships fell into the hands of the Lucian Alliance who use them now for their own purposes. The Ori order their followers to begin constructing a fleet of ships after learning of the existence of the Milky Way galaxy in " Origin ". Due to their advanced technology, their ships pose a considerable threat.

An Ori fighter is a small dart-shaped attack vessel first seen in " Flesh and Blood ", where they defeat a number of Death Gliders and Al'kesh over Chulak. Carried by Ori motherships, they are deployed from a ventral bay and are armed with powerful energy weapons. In " Line in the Sand ", one is shown carrying a ring transporter platform that it drops to the ground, allowing troops to be deployed from the mothership.

Ori motherships first appear under construction in the episode " Crusade ". Four ships invade the Milky Way galaxy in the following episode " Camelot ", where they decimate a combined Asgard , Earth , Jaffa , Lucian Alliance , and Tok'ra fleet at P3Y without taking any appreciable damage. In " Flesh and Blood ", the ships proceed to conquer Chulak before splitting up. In the episode " The Pegasus Project ", Teal'c lures an Ori mothership into the unstable vortex of the activating Supergate, destroying it.

However, his plan requires that the Supergate be reopened, and shortly after six more Ori motherships enter the galaxy. In the Stargate SG-1 finale " Unending ", the Asgard equip the Earth battlecruiser Odyssey with plasma beam weapons that are effective against the shields of Ori motherships. Nevertheless, the Odyssey is outnumbered and only escapes the Ori through the creative use of a time dilation field.

One of the most formidable warships seen in Stargate , an Ori mothership's main weapon can destroy a Goa'uld Ha'tak in a single shot.