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These experiments culminated in a joint project by the Forschungsgemeinschaft Automobil-Technik FAT , a conglomeration of all seven German car makers Audi , BMW , Ford , Mercedes-Benz , Opel , Porsche , and Volkswagen , which tested the applicability of two emerging commercial crash simulation codes. These simulation codes recreated a frontal impact of a full passenger car structure Haug and they ran to completion on a computer overnight.

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Now that turn-around time between two consecutive job-submissions computer runs did not exceed one day, engineers were able to make efficient and progressive improvements of the crash behavior of the analyzed car body structure. Crash simulations can also be used to assess injury to pedestrians hit by a car.

Modeling Vehicle Collision Angle in Traffic Crashes Based on Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning Data

A crash simulation produces results without actual destructive testing of a new car model. This way, tests can be performed quickly and inexpensively in a computer, which permits optimization of the design before a real prototype of the car has been manufactured.

Extreme Police Chases Crashes&Fails #7 - BeamNG DRIVE

Using a simulation, problems can be solved before spending time and money on an actual crash test. The great flexibility of printed output and graphical display enables designers to solve some problems that would have been nearly impossible without the help of a computer. Large number of crash simulations use a method of analysis called the Finite Element Method.

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The complex problems are solved by dividing a surface into a large but still finite number of elements and determining the motion of these elements over very small periods of time. Another approach to crash simulations is performed by application of Macro Element Method. The difference between two mentioned above methodologies is that the structure in case of Macro Element Method consists of smaller number of elements. The calculation algorithm of structure deformation is based on experimental data rather than calculated from partial differential equations.

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This method allows detailed modeling of a structure, but the disadvantage lies in high processing unit requirements and calculation time. In comparison with FEM it has some modeling and boundary condition limitations but its application does not require advanced computers and the calculation time is incomparably smaller. Two presented methods complement each other. Macro Element Method is useful at early stage of the structure design process while Finite Element Method performs well at its final stages.

In a typical crash simulation, the car body structure is analyzed using spatial discretization , that is, breaking up the continuous movement of the body in real time into smaller changes in position over small, discrete time steps.

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Sign up for new issue notifications. In the pedestrian-vehicle accident, vehicle may make the second crushing for people after collision.

PC-Crash 12.0

Among the fatal accidents caused by this, there is necessary connection between the movement trail of vehicle and the position of pedestrian, therefore, this text compares with their position relationship through simulating the site of accident by PC-CRASH and the simulation between vehicle parameters and the position of pedestrian, analyzing the injury of each part in pedestrian and the condition of AIS.

Analyze the whole process of second crushing and analyze accident cause to put forward scientific, effective solutions.

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  4. Based on its strict workflow and thought process, take a collision accident as an example, collecting accident information, using PC-CRASH to reconstruct this accident. Evaluating consistency of simulation results and accident. Finally, in the light of this vehicle, making safe evaluation and analyzing the reason of airbag unexploded. The proposed database provides a powerful and extensible framework that is particularly well suited to analyzing big variety data in traffic accident. Article :.