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He has, as Tristram says, "extensive views of things" 1. He checks out at the birth of baby Tristram because, you know, childbirth is a woman's area of concern. Do we need to chat about the birds and bees, Mr. He also seems to think that allowing women autonomy in anything, including childbirth, is a short step from anarchy. He believes strongly in hierarchy, and he thinks that allowing any control to slip from his fingers "would, in the end, prove fatal to the monarchical system of domestic government established in the first creation of things by God" 1.

In other words, Shandy Hall is a kingdom and Mr. Shandy is its king.

Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne (Part 1/4) AUDIOBOOK

We wouldn't mind Elizabeth Cady Stanton showing him a thing or two. He's also a big believer in science, so he arranges to fulfill his marital duties with as much precision as possible. This guy sounds like a real hoot. One thing you can say for Mr. Shandy is that he does take his duties very seriously.

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From conception to naming to education, Mr. Shandy pays a lot of attention to Tristram. But he may be paying the wrong kind of attention. Once Tristram is born and named, Mr. Shandy basically neglects him. Does he play with him?

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Talk to him? Read to him? He doesn't even bother instructing Tristram in person. Instead, he turns Tristram's education into an opportunity to show off his own learning. And neglect is at least partly responsible for Tristram's accident, because Mr. Shandy decides after it that the boy has been spending too much time with women: "You see 'tis high time … to take this young creature out of these women's hands" 6. In other words—without male attention, Tristram almost becomes unmanned.

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  4. No wonder Tristram has daddy issues. He's obvious got a lot of his dad in him—they both go off on long-winded digressions; they both like to pontificate—but Mr. Shandy lacks an important quality: humor. If Mr. Shandy is as aspect of Tristram's character, then Mr.

    Tristram Shandy

    Shandy is responsible for everything boring and incomprehensible about Tristram Shandy. Shandy comes off best in his relationship with Toby. He seems to be a really good brother. When Toby is injured, he stays with Mr. Shandy, and Mr. Shandy looks out for him. Toby consults Walter when he's confused, and although Walter does sometimes get irritated with Toby, he always apologizes. As Tristram himself says, "My father, I believe, had the truest love and tenderness for my uncle Toby, that ever one brother bore towards another" 1.


    Conception and factual announcement of birth, I:1 — I:5 5 — Prologue: Tristram states his purposes, I:6 Digression on hobbyhorses, I:7 12 — Mock dedication, I:8 — I:9 14 — The history of Parson Yorick, I — I 15 — Parents debate whether to have a midwife or man-midwife, finally agreeing to have Dr. Slop in the house in case of emergency; otherwise the midwife will be in charge, I 41 — Digression on Madam, the inattentive reader includes the memorandum by the doctors of the Sorbonne on baptisms before birth , I 51 — 56 ,.

    Birth scenes, I — IV 56 — Walter and Toby in the parlor hear the commotion upstairs as Mrs. Includes story of Aunt Dinah, I 58 — Includes digression on digressions, I 63 — Slop arrives, II:6 — II 88 — John Burton, the model for Dr.

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    Includes Dr. Slop is called upstairs to deliver the child, III — Digression on learning and reading that concludes with the marbled page, III — The brothers rise, come downstairs, talking the while, IV:6 — IV — Digression on the making of chapters, IV — Baptism scenes, IV: 14 — IV — Susannah wakes Walter: the child in a fit is rushed to the curate and by error baptized with what his father thinks is the worst of all Christian names—Tristram, IV — IV — A digression on sleep, IV — Death of Brother Bobby, IV — The death announced, IV — IV — Tristram explains true Shandeism, IV — Tristram on writing and borrowing, V:1 — Mrs Shandy begins to listen from outside the door, V:5 — Walter concludes his oration, Mrs.

    Tristram on writing, which is like fiddling, V —