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It is laughably bad and reads like a 7-year-old wrote it. The grammar is awful and I already hate the main character. Sorry, Ms. I know firsthand how difficult it is to write a book so I'm usually genero I rarely give one-star reviews. I know firsthand how difficult it is to write a book so I'm usually generous with authors, but this needs a few more drafts and a good editor before it's ready to publish. Aug 21, Kathy Ann rated it it was amazing Shelves: purchased , dystopian.

I really enjoyed this book I started and finished the book in the same day! I was really enchanted by Kama and her life in the dystopian society of Arcadia. It is similar in nature to "Matched" by Ally Condie with a slight paranormal twist.

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The writing style makes it a quick easy read, yet I felt very connected to Kama and he I really enjoyed this book The writing style makes it a quick easy read, yet I felt very connected to Kama and her feelings. The ending has a big cliffhanger so I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series and will be checking out Kailin Gow's other novels. Mar 28, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

All you desire can be yours in this dystopian society. In Arcadia, you are given your life's plan when you turn 18 years of age. Your life plan is filled with things you desire and want out of life. The committee in charge of life's plans try to keep to those things if possible. Arcadia seems to be a beautiful and peaceful place. Kama and Liam are deeply in love and hopeful that their life's plan will evolve around each other.

Kama, is strong, courageous, willing to sacrifice, and in love Li All you desire can be yours in this dystopian society. Liam is confident, strong, so so in love with Kama, courageous, willing to sacrifice, and chiveriest, and such an amazing guy. I thought Liam was wonderful in the guy department, he is so good and gentle and kind to Kama and completely soon worthy. Theirs is an amazing relationship they have been apart of each others lives since they were children and know every detail of each others lives.

Shortly before her 18th birthday Kama meets a beautiful young man who will open her eyes to many things in her world, and possibly her heart. As Kama finds out who she really is and what she really desires, and what is expected of her things start to fall into place, and everything changes.

This was quit a delightful read, the authors prose were smooth and wonderful.

She captures the beauty of love into words. This cover is absolutely gorgeous, one of my favorites! Heavy making-out couple of times, with small amount of detail. Not for my teen. Cue the appearance of a tall, dark, mysterious stranger. Suddenly everything is not so perfect and Kama receives her Life Plan with nothing on it. No perfect life, perfect husband, perfect house, perfect job.

The horror! And a love triangle. Don't forget about that. These characters are all very stiff, and in spite of all the lovey dovey talk or possibly because of I didn't ever feel that anyone actually cared about anyone else. Kama has a whole bucket of insta-love chucked over her, whilst mastering skills which take other Magic Ones aside: I didn't like this name and could not take them seriously like 10 years to get the hang of. So we have another perfect heroine who can do everything perfectly, and who is beautiful, charming and intelligent to boot At best tenuous and tedious, the one good thing about this story is that it never made me hate it enough to actual stop reading it.

Which the completionist in me appreciates. Jan 06, Misty Baker rated it really liked it. I am wrong…a lot. I admit this freely, of course, because lying about it will always come back to bite me in the ass, but let me assure you this statement does leave dents in my pride. The desire Kama has to understand her past, present and future.

Her desire to understand the nature of her situation so that she can make responsible choices, and her desire to make out with 2 very cute and powerful boys. Who could blame her. To be blunt, the book was great. It ended in a cliffhanger. Damn it! View 1 comment. Mar 06, Xandra rated it it was amazing. Very sweet, lovely story about an eighteen year old girl Kama who lives in a perfect, settled future with a perfect boy, Liam, soon to be her future husband. However, her world turns upside down when an enchanting, desireable boy Torrid appears in her life. Is the life she was supposed to be living really not what it looks like?

Is there another pad she is destined for to live? Is her love toward Liam not as strong as she thought it was, is Torrid the love of her life? Step by step Kama discovers Very sweet, lovely story about an eighteen year old girl Kama who lives in a perfect, settled future with a perfect boy, Liam, soon to be her future husband. Step by step Kama discovers her true nature and makes her decision, but is It the right one? View 2 comments. Mar 20, 'caelyn rated it did not like it. It seems like too much of a trendbait. And, based on the many errors in the plot description above, I doubt I'd like to see how many are on the inside.

I honestly think this book will end up being ripoff of Matched or Delirium, but only time will tell. View all 5 comments. Cover 1st: LOVE it. It is beautiful! I really liked this story. Kama is 17 years old. Awaiting her 18th birthday when she will get her life's plan. She is dating Liam. Who is the General's son. Being with Liam, would give Kama the perfect plan. The wife of the future General. When Kama meet's Torrid. A mysterious, gorgeous boy, he quickly takes Kama's breath away. Who is this mysterious boy? Torrid has a little gift.

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One that allows him to speak to Kama in her mind. What is he? What is Kama? So there it is.. Instant love triangle. At 1st I got the feel of Matched. With the life's plan. Until the paranormal came in play. Which I really liked. Some people in Arcadia has magical powers. Which everyone cannot see. Only some can look through the glamour of this world. Torrid is helping Kama with this.

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Helping her understand the life where she belongs. As Kama awaits her life's plan in the mail after she turned It felt to Kama as it took forever to come. Then when it did, it was not the life's plan that she expected. It was no plan at all. Kama has to find out why she received such a plan. Why everything she has wanted is being taken away from her.

Liam included. Liam to me was super "clingy" like she is trying to not get him in trouble, because he was not in her plan. But Kama doesn't really know if that is the life's plan that she wants now. After meeting Torrid, and getting some very strong feelings for the mysterious boy. Arcadia is not really all that it seems to be. What are they hiding. And why? For FULL review. Mar 30, Janica Rose rated it it was ok Shelves: reviews. Desire by Kailin Gow I don't know what to say. Well I do, unfortunately, because if I didn't, I wouldn't waste my time writing a review.

Here it goes: I have a few issues with this book. First, the main character. I'm all for love, but this girl, Kama, it's like love is the only thing on her mind. Everything became just a bit more cheesier because of that, and it almost made me stop reading halfway. But because I am such a darling, I did no such thing, and carried on reading. When I first read the plot of the book, I gotta say, I was pretty impressed. Then I realized it was one of those damn dystopian novels. But since I was pretty impressed by the plot, I read the book.

I was pretty disappointed. Gow should've increased the magick moments with the girl, not kissy-kissy moments with the hot prince. I said that that was my last, but I can't help it. Why not just come up with a better name? And get this Sorry, I just can't. Overall, I didn't quite like the book, and I'm sorry to say not really that I won't be reading the second. Jul 30, i. A combination of Dystopian society and fantasy. I found Desire entertaining except for two things : -The name of one of the characters which I found hilarious instead of attractive.

I know I say this alot but WOW. Desire was so much more than the dystopian YA romance I thought I was going to be reading and i'm sad that I have had it on my kindle since it was released. Kailin Gow's twist of her first Dystopian novel rocked my world I loved that within the Dystopian world you also had genies some thing I have never read about and please don't think A lamp and you rub it and out pops your genie to grant you three wishes.

These genies have a magical history and powers beyond what an mortals can think of. A great start to what has started out as a great Dystopian, genie twist with a little bit of Matched by Ally Condie throw in. A must read that all YA fans will love. Jun 23, Sedina rated it did not like it. First off, I know its really hard to write a book but really?! Nobody read this through before publication? Its badly written and the entire plot is thin and not well thought out. The entire story jumps from situation to situation, without fully exploring any.

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It seems written In haste, with the author rushing to make the important points and not letting the characters or story develop fully. If you're hoping to read something as good as Hunger games, matched or Star crossed, don't read this. An First off, I know its really hard to write a book but really?!

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And last, I don't understand it at all! What does the main character want? Oct 04, Norah rated it it was amazing. The story revolves around an eighteen year old girl called Kama Johnson who lives in a dystopian society called Arcadia. When the citizens of Arcadia reach the age of eighteen they receive a life's plan a plan that tells them how they are destined to live out their lives.

Kama has always thought her life's plan included certain events and people,but will it include what she has always thought it would include? I enjoyed reading this book. It was a total page turner! Totally would recommend th The story revolves around an eighteen year old girl called Kama Johnson who lives in a dystopian society called Arcadia. Totally would recommend this book for any fan of the dystopian Y. A novels. Mar 07, Laima rated it did not like it Shelves: reading-challenge , awful-and-beyond. In this book was up for a giveaway and thousands of readers entered the contest.

I had never read anything written by Kailin Gow and was curious to see what the big deal was so I ordered a copy online. Big Disappointment!!!

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The book is very poorly written and seems like there was no attempt at editing. Jul 15, Revati Ragini rated it did not like it. I really enjoyed this story, but the total lack of editing or appearance of such completely ruined it for me, more so in the first half than the second.

I would have given this book four stars. Although poor editing is usual little more than an annoyance for me, this is the first time it's had an effect on the overall effect. Mar 02, Tiffany Holme rated it liked it Shelves: own , paperback. Where do I start with this one If you know me you know my deep love for her books and the passion and feeling that she pours into her books. This one was a completely riveting read that had me hooked from the first chapter but there were things that just got to me too.

Kama is my biggest conflict in this book. I loved her but she made me so down right angry at times I jus Where do I start with this one I loved her but she made me so down right angry at times I just wanted to scream. Her life's plan means everything to her just like every other person in Arcadia. Turning 18 and finding out what you are to do for the rest of your life is how things are run and no one ever questions it because that is what bring peace to this small state. However the fact that she seems to all but fall apart when her life's plan isn't what she wants drives me nuts.

She does some what redeem herself by trying to find answers and fight the decision. In the process she learns that she has not one but two destiny's to choose from and making it could destroy everything she knows or save it. Liam is Kama's past and hopeful future. He is also an all around awesome guy that can't see his life without her and honestly doesn't want to even consider life without her.

This guy seriously for once has me hooked on the good boy. I know crazy right?!

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However her was passionate, caring and didn't back down. He fights for Kama and isn't swayed by others thoughts and opinions of her. Even when it seems like the odds are against it and he should turn his back this boy just keeps on going! He is one book good boy that I can honestly say that I hope can get the girl because man he deserves it! I would be lying to you if I said that I didn't find Torrent alluring. He is totally drool over tall, dark and handsome kind of guy.

You know the one that your parents tell you to be careful of. I could see the attraction to him I just couldn't feel it myself. He was always holding something back from her and always seems like he has something to hide. There is a love triangle and this one actually kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I am normally very VERY understanding about choosing between two awesome guys but this one kind of rubbed at me. I really enjoyed all things Kama except how quickly and easily she changed boys! I mean she was all about whoever was right in front of her.

I don't expect her to choose off the hop but some amount of loyalty would be nice. I will be starting book two very very soon and have high hopes that my irritation will be cleared up a little. The way this one ended made me feel like it might. I know that the triangle wont just go away but I hope it becomes easier. The clarity of Gow's world building really shines in this book. There was not a moment that I didn't see where I was. The description of the field was amazing and I wanted to be there with Kama. With such a clean and polished society it was easy to forget that the world outside of Arcadia is battered, broken and war torn.

The people are all compliant to say the least but that is really what it takes to be a part of what people see as a safe and stable world. This is the kind of book that I would recommend to people that are lovers of dystopian books but more importantly are lovers of love triangles. I am eager to start the next book and see where everyone goes and who continues to fight.

Beyond that I can only say that I enjoyed this one but it isn't my favorite Gow book but I hope that the series will turn out to be one of my favorites! Desire introduces you to a strange new world where your whole life is planned out for you at age Even if you want one thing for yourself whatever is planned out is what you must do Desire follows the story of Kama. A young girl who is about to turn Her life is perfect and she hopes that her life's plan will have her life following the path she's on now.

She hopes that her plan will be just as she wishes just like her boyfriend's and her best friend's have. Meanwhile, the dean of the college does secret double duty as the faculty liaison with a shadowy organization called Lethe House. These elite clubs exist in real life, minus the occult nicknames, and their self-mythologizing exoticism is profoundly satisfying to their members and profoundly irritating to everyone else.

Do the men of Skull and Bones really strip naked and masturbate en masse into a sacred sarcophagus while leveraging their alumni connections into fancy postcollege careers? What if they were actually centers of arcane magic? Yes, it would indeed be fun. According to established genre conventions, the novel Bardugo planned had to be aimed at adults, she explained. The book is full of insider Yale jokes, including a running gag that Berzelius, one of the senior societies, has no magical specialty and no famous alumni.

Her father is not part of her life. The feeling of otherness flared when she visited Princeton as a potential applicant. After college, Bardugo took her time finding her way to fiction writing. She worked at an advertising agency, at an alternative newspaper, at various dot-coms. She wrote the scripts for movie trailers and became a makeup and special-effects artist.

She applied for and got in to several M. What she was meant to do was write fantasy, she realized. She works on several things at once; her mind is full of her stories. Bardugo wears all black, and during the interview accessorized her outfit with a ring depicting two moths and a necklace of the Three of Swords tarot symbol. She is an admirer of the Crone, one of the three faces of the Wicca moon goddess, who represents the wisdom and power that come with maturity.