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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! What if you woke up every day feeling that your life was a work of art-in-progress that took shape hour by hour, culminating in a lifetime of satisfaction and fulfillment? And what if you, the artist of this life, were able to sculpt the events and opportunities in your future not merely through physical action, but by using a far more powerful and subtle type of energy? There is such an energy, and it stirs just below the surface, creating the blueprints for everything that erupts in your physical existence.

And you can learn to use it. Creative Flowdreaming reveals a powerful, precise, and beautiful method for manifesting in which you become an artist of living. Life is about long-term financial security, relationships that feed your soul, robust health, and doing something with your time that you find meaningful and enjoyable.

Do you want abundance springing up all over? Join Summer as she explores how you can create cashflow … in flow! For more, look up M. Consistent people tend to win: they have those Ks, those marriages that last, the career that kept upleveling them. We look at the differences in lives between consistent people and those who ride the winds. Who wins? Who is better?

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Life can be elegant. You can flow through it, unruffled, unstressed. But how? Once more, Summer brings her lessons from M.

Guided Meditation: Manifest Your Dreams, Self Hypnosis (33 Mins With Wake-up)

School to you today! The only gift you have consistently through your whole life is YOU — your body, mind, and inner being. School kicks off enrollment this week, so Summer is taking you for a peek inside with a lesson on crafting your Future Self. Who are you? How do you look and feel?

What have you made, and what have you released? Spend time in Flow crafting your Future You. Then take it further by checking out M. School at www.

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Oh sweet lord, another birthday. Happy to be alive 3 years post cancer, but also, not so happy about that 20 extra pounds, and the lack of energy that used to propel me. What is aging anyway? What is gratitude? How can you recapture gratitude and wonder again for your looks, your heart, your mind? Go deep in and ask. Then try Super Inner Yumminess at Flowdreaming. Summer's remarkable talent for bringing people into the higher state of Flow is well-documented in her 17 years of practice. Where the Future Is Going. Where are we heading to? Politics, economy, environment, community, our social norms?

How do you grow, personally, inside, when the world around you is always falling down? Head down, embarrassed. You tried, and failed. Other people were better. You are a comer-backer. Me too. For more, try the Beyond Fear Flowdream at Flowdreaming. Are you always early, or always late? Does it seem like you never have enough time in your day, or does the time drag by? Summer explores how we process time, and how time is really just a container for us to explore. Flow, time, and experiences…all on the table today.

Try Enough Time for Everything from the Flowdreaming shop for more. The DMV. Cornerstone of underfunding and inefficiency. We look at how different places contain different energies that are created from the swirling energies of company culture, the people, and the institution itself.

The same tech that holds us together also stresses us out. How can you use tech without it using you? Summer ran into Arielle Ford at a garden party a few weeks ago. These three amazing women are all seekers. Join Summer and Arielle for this live, wonderful, emotionally rich episode. You hit the age when you ask, What the heck am I doing? Is this all there is? This can be one of the richest periods of your life! Learn what this period is asking of you, and how you can reap all you can from it. Join Summer for a fascinating look at flow, middle-age, and re-starting where we left off. Summer has experienced three miracles in her life.

She shares them with you and get you thinking about your own miracles—when do they happen, why do they happen, do they have anything to do with being deserving? Share your own stories about miracles on air with Summer. Also check out the Heavenly Love playlist at Flowdreaming. Which will be worse? Making decisions can feel rough since we always want to know the outcome beforehand. Backward Looking Girl is a special phrase invented to capture the essence of on the emotional tendency to look backward in our lives instead of forward.

Well, newsflash: all the best things are ahead of you. Try the Get Unstuck Playlist at Flowdreaming. Relationships mirror the galaxy. We have blazing suns encircled by plants.

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We have cold asteroid belts without life. We have vast interstellar distances of pretty much nothing. When does personal growth go wrong?

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Is it always a good thing to be aware of your growth areas? And why all the emphasis on blocks and patterns? Summer digs into the dark side of personal growth today. We practice generating happiness today in this episode that will leave you feeling better than when you arrived. Some people are born connectors. Call them networkers, social butterflies, or whatever you want. Calls and Flow. Last, keep playing with your intuition with the Intuitive Guidance and Awakening Playlist at Flowdreaming.

Have you returned that by taking time to be thankful? The universe wants you to spend time in it. Summer shares her experience learning the hard way how to receive. In the Recovery Room Burnout takes many forms … from emotional flatlining to angry exhaustion. We never TRY to reach burnout … it happens when we habituate ourselves to high-stress situations, and we finally reach our wits end. Luckily, you can use Flow to regain your sense of passion, focus, and desire.

Summer gives you a foolproof formula for beating burnout. Problem solving! Gotta love it. If you have stress, you really just have a series of problems begging to be solved. See how you approach this in Flow, with help and guidance. This means that parts of you need healing. Healing is an ongoing process of renewing the damaged, repressed, betrayed, angry, or unfulfilled bits in us that can accumulate over the years. Summer shows you how Flow is perfect gateway to deep inner healing. Work is like family: you spend more time with your coworkers than your own kin!

So getting your work life to feel easy and growing is crucial to a healthy life. If your work is stressful, boring, or unrewarding financially, emotionally, or otherwise then you need to put your Flow to work IN your work! When you think about your worth, what number do you settle on? Summer helps you turn this around with Flow. Safety and security Financial security, emotional security, health security Experience Flowdreaming as Summer takes you on a journey into the truly magical world of Flow. Learn to integrate Flow into your life.

Know in advance what your results will be. Summer brings you up to date on the latest uses for Flowdreaming, and teaches you how to begin experiencing the massive shifts it creates. Yes, you are, goddess or god. You are totally lovable. You are kind, curious, loving and trustworthy. You are wise, caring, and giving. In other words, you rock. Why not let yourself feel it for a few minutes? Today, we get into the Real You—the one who sometimes hides under all that lack thinking.

Learn to let big ideas drop in and take seed in your dreams. That big foundation? You can make it. That huge company? You can create it. That bestselling book? You can write it.

Flowdreaming for Meditation and Manifesting

Feeling grumpy, irritable, angry, or misunderstood? Did someone say something or do something to trigger you? If so, then go give them a kiss. A highly cleansing class that opens you to deeper layers of manifesting power. Class 4 mp3: What Do You Deserve? Learn to work with the energy of money and become its intimate friend.

Today you'll un-learn your past blocks to generating, attracting, and happily receiving continuous streams of prosperity, and you'll experience what it's like to feel "safe" with money always in your life, without ever worrying again. Summer examines all the different ways we can impact relationships in our Flow, from attracting new ones to relieving stress in existing ones.

This class also reviews the desires on your list and catapults them into action. Summer takes you through a Flowdream to heal and repair your body, as well as a series of exercises to help you determine exactly how your home and the people who surround you are affecting you. Praise for Summer's Writing and Teaching " Get out your highlighter! Every page of Creative Flowdreaming is filled with practical and profound information that is immediately useable in your life.

In this pioneering book, learn to step into the Flow and access the subtle energy patterns that surround you, so you can easily manifest your dreams. I recommend it! Why wait?

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Create the life of your dreams now. Creative Flowdreaming not only offers insight into how you can tap into the Flow, it reveals how you can become a manifestation master and turn your inner desires into your outer reality.

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A job well done, Summer! By sharing the miracles of her personal experience, Summer McStravick reminds us of what's possible in our own lives. This is a great book that you'll read again and again! You May Also Like. Charlie Morley. Quantity 1. Card Deck.