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Deepest France.

Indigenous Peoples and the Crown

Milt Walters is drawn to France and the mythic search for the Holy Grail. However, when a boy is found murdered, the ramifications will haunt Milt for decades to come. The release of 's Holy Blood, Holy Grail also triggered the Duplicate Bridges. Do you play Bridge? If you do, the chapter titles of Duplicate Bridges will have If you do, the chapter titles of Duplicate Bridges will have special meanings. If you don't, that's OK. You have real bridges to cross and can relate to their challenges. Single mom, kids, a new career?

Jason, Larry, Jennifer and Lisa grow up with many luxuries. All of them accomplish worthwhile goals when they change and transform. Fortunately they have Horizons Beyond. Malcolm Harrison purchased a large boat to travel thousands of miles across a turbulent, swift ocean. The Harrisons sailed Imagine If. The Sullivans had If you want a copy, say so. Unfortunately, it doesn't help me to get the par She was born in Chegoggen and apparently from info passed down through the family was disown The Secor name has a French Huguenot origin.

The original immigrant was called Ambroise Sicard who fled religious persecution and arrived here as a farmer in the 's. He and his family settled in New Roche Ambroise Yarmouth, N.

Tableros de mensajes

Emeline Amiro dau. Dear Chris, How do you know that Ambroise Sicard , b. What is your primary source, please? I have searched long and hard for a reference An Ancestor Daniel Secor b. I have some Names or keywords. Advanced Search.

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Note: Note: Secondly, I so will and desire that my son, Daniel Sicard, shall have forhimself and his heirs the house in which I am now dwelling, with theeighty acres of land which belong to it, as I have acquired them of thelate Mr. Pelletreau, and that in the most part in compensation for my work. Note: Note: Thirdly, I so will and desire that my son, Jacques Sicard, shall have forhimself and his heirs the house in which he now dwells with the six acresof land it, besides 10 acres which are on the island as the whole hasbeen acquired of Guillaiume le Conte, on condition that the said Jacques, my son, will help GuillaumeLandrin, my son-in-law, to build a house twenty-eight feet long andsixteen feet wide and help plough two acres of hand and will furnish onehalf of all that will be necessary for said house.

Note: Note: Fourthly, I so will and desire that Guillaume Landrin and Marie mydaughter, shall have for themselves and their heirs the third of ninetyfive acres acquired of Guillaume le Conte to be taken from one end fromthe land of Daniel, obtained from Peletreau, and the other end to Ambroise; for these two thirds from oneside to the Roux and the other to the said Le Conte, on which side hewill allow a passage way twenty feet wide between Le Conte and Ambroiseto serve the said Ambroise and his heirs forever to join the main line. Note: Note: Fifthly, I so will and desire that Francois Coquiller and Silvie,my daughter, shall have in cash the amount of four pistoles, currentmoney of New York, besides the three cows which were destined to herbefore.

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The present deed of sale executed for andin consideration for the price and sum of thirty eight pistoles and eight shillings, current money ofNew York, payable in all kinds of good grains, mar-ketable at the currentprice it would be worth in cash money in New York at the time of deliveryof the same, deducting the boat transport. Note: Note: To be divided in two payments, to wit: eight pistoles and eight shillingsin a year from this day and the other thirty pistoles in six years,dating from this day, and after which the said two payments expiring, andthe said purchasers not being able to pay the said two sums, will pay the interest on them to the saidsieur vender or to his order at the rate of six per cent, beginning fromthe day of the expiration of each of the maid payment.

And each payment which shall be made on account of the principal shall be offive pistoles and not less. For which the said parties by these presentshave agreed to be fully satisfied and promise to respect each other'srights, and faithfully executed under obligation by the said sieur vender for the lands which liepossesses in the said place and which he mortgages for the solvability ofthe said sale and the said sieurs purchasers the three above said piecesof land which they mortgaged to the said sieur vender until the end of payment and have chosen as theirhabitation the house in which they are now dwelling: that is to say, thesaid sieur vender.

In presence of said Sieur Stainand of Monsieur Andre Tauvet, merchant, and inhabitant of said place, and have agreed that in favor ofthe present sale that the said Sieur Le Conte shall concede and remit tothe above said purchasers the priviledges they may claim on the saltmeadows at the proportion-able share which has been done heretofore by all the in-habitants of the saidplace, likewise those which they may have in the fresh meadows and whichwill Le diyided with all the others interested in relation to the amountof land they have purchased from the said sieur Le Conte.

Tableros de mensajes

Jacques Lasty. Note: Anne Marthe Le Compte. Note: 0 mark of Ambroise Sicard, father. Note: Ambroise Sicard, son, Note: Witnesses? Tauvet, Daniel Straing, Nicholas Ja-main. Note: Note: The indenture made in favor of the sale is satisfactory. SignedNicolas Jamin Note: Note: The parties having requested a second reading of these presents noticedthat the piece of land of ninety five acres here-above mentioned had notyet been measured but they have mutually agreed to take their time forthis and have, decided that this present act of deed will not lose any of its value by it.

Note: Witness? Tauvet Note: Note: The said demoiselle Anne Marthe Le Compte has declared that of her freewill and consent, and without force or constraint, she consented to saidsale made by her husband.

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  8. Note: Signed? Note: Ambroise Sicard, son, Note: Nicollas Jamain, witnesses Note: Note: I confess to have received twenty four pistoles which is thepayment of the money due me by this contract concluded in New Rochellethe 9th day of May, Guillaume Le Compte.

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