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Songs of Seasons. Next are three works for solo violin. The Stream Flows The rising moon shines brightly It reminds me of love in the mountains Like the moon, you walk in the sky, As the crystal stream flows down the mountain. A clear breeze blows up the hill, My love, do you hear I am calling you? Circling back to the violin and piano duo, the program concludes with a work in cyclic form.

Christopher Cerrone b. Mozart Violin Concerto No. Bruch Violin Concerto No. Prokofiev Violin Concerto No. Corigliano b. Indeed Lee [is] among the most talented musicians in the world. The Buffalo News.

She has a gutsy way of digging into the music, and a terrific sense of rhythm. She commanded attention from the first bars, which has the violin playing a klezmer-like melody against a shiver of strings. Her articulation was crisp and sure. The Greenville News. She brought a dazzling, forceful technique to bear on the third movement.

The Baltimore Sun. This was especially apparent in the slow movement that she turned into a welcome oasis of Italianate lyricism. The audience gave Lee a well-deserved standing ovation. Priday kicked off her summer season….

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Mobius Trio Guitar Trio. Are they a band or an ensemble? Matt, Rob, and Mason are all accomplished, competition-winning guitarists in their own right, and they all live and work in the Bay Area. When not rehearsing, the group enjoys homebrewing, BBQ, and nature documentaries. Please discard previously dated materials and contact Reynard Hulme, rey arielartists. Bon Voyage. In this case, each piece is composed for electric guitars, though each has a completely unique soundworld, created through the use of interactive electronics, pedal effects, and in one case, a great big wall of amplifier feedback.

These are nuanced, classically-influenced pieces written by some of the best young composers writing today. Echo Chamber. Plexus will be accompanied by projected visuals created for the piece by artist Robby Gilson.

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Guitaristic Genre Omnipresence. Ravel — String Quartet in F Major Rodrigo — Concierto de Aranjuez As the most popular, ubiquitous instrument in the world, everyone knows what a guitar sounds like, right? Alan Willcocks was an early 20th century Impressionist who never existed, serving as a puppet for the fertile and labyrinthine mind of the great German guitarist Tilman Hoppstock. In Thinking Songs , guitarist-composer Santiago Gutierrez-Bolio uses his masterful knowledge of the instrument to create sounds and textures that evoke the instruments and music of Africa.

Dark Matter all-electric. In this case, each piece is composed for electric guitars, though each has a completely unique soundworld, created through use of interactive electronics, pedal effects, and in one case, just a great big wall of amplifier feedback. These are nuanced, classically-influenced pieces written by some of the best young composers writing today, including Adrian Knight, Ryan Brown, and Samuel Adams. Home Base all-classical. Sadly the group was not able to attend school with Maurice Ravel, but they did receive an outstanding arrangement of the second movement of his String Quartet from composer Winton White.

After more than seven years of Mobius Trio, the group will finally include a piece from one of its own. Maximum Postminimalism all-classical, with half-electric option. Prescription Drug Nation classical, steel, electric. There is no moral lesson or anything like that. Possible Relatives. Possible Relatives, named for the eponymous Ryan Brown piece that begins it, is a collaborative multimedia exploration of isolation, society, technology, and the various interrelationships between the three.

The re-sequencing of these short clips will re-contextualize the original manner in which they were taken and perhaps shed a more truthful light on their subjects. Recent news has shown us that the algorithms that social media sites use to decide what you see are based more on what will incense your emotions, and thus keep you on the site longer, or sell you products than anything else. These algorithms—borrowed directly from propaganda and slot machines—necessarily create feedback loops, filter bubbles, and echo chambers, all of which can be used to polarize and divide us.

Even though the three players are in the same room, the use of noise-canceling headphones means that their musical communication must be digitally mediated, and in this case, the medium has its own agenda. Sid Chen, New Music Box. A cradled scalar motive is shared, hocket-like, among the players, who carried it with delicacy and feeling.

The trio formed only in , but from the unity of their playing and the constant musical conversation that is visible to the eye in performance one could easily believe that they had been playing together for much longer than that. Mirari Brass Quintet Engaging and eclectic , the Mirari Brass Quintet brings a spirit of joyful collaboration and passion for music education.

The commissioners of many new brass works, Mirari performs a spectacular tight-rope act, balancing intensity with levity and refined virtuosity. Engaging and eclectic , the Mirari Brass Quintet brings a spirit of joyful collaboration and innovation to music spanning many centuries and genres. The commissioners of multiple new works for brass, the group performs a spectacular tight-rope act, balancing intensity with levity and refined virtuosity with pure fun.

Now in its tenth season, Mirari has performed extensively across the United States, forging connections with audiences through lively and polished performances. Mirari has also been featured at a number of major conferences and festivals including the International Tuba and Euphonium Conference, the International Trombone Festival, and the International Trumpet Guild Conference. In , the group made their first international trip to China, performing concerts and presenting educational outreach programs in Beijing, Haerbin, Dalian, and Chongqing.

Since , Mirari Brass has added nearly two dozen works to the brass quintet repertoire, with group members also contributing a number of arrangements and original compositions.

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In , Mirari embarked on a collaborative project with the Ohio State Wind Ensemble and a consortium of numerous universities, commissioning composer Clint Needham to write an extensive concerto for brass quintet and wind ensemble. In addition to being outstanding performers, the members of the Mirari Brass Quintet share a unique passion for music education and are all collegiate professors of music.

The group relishes and seeks out extended time to interact with young musicians by leading masterclasses, offering group and individual instruction, as well as presenting clinics on topics such as Fearless Performance, Yoga for Musicians, Fundamentals of Brass, and The Art of Chamber Music. Through their educational endeavors, the quintet examines all aspects of life as an artist and helps to foster the development of complete musicians. Aside from the traditional brass quintet setting, the members of the Mirari Brass Quintet often perform duos or trios together.

Stephanie Frye-Clark tuba and Sarah Paradis trombone enjoy presenting commissioned and arranged works for their duo Bell e Collective. Appetizer Pick 1 : These shorter pieces are designed to warm up your palate! Aaron Given — Sheltering Sky. These emotion-filled pieces, will tug at your heart strings, each telling its own story of love, loss, and connection. Nobody steals from other instruments quite as well as the brass quintet!

A work of stunning beauty and depth, Mirari feels that the contrast between the melodic lyricism of the first and third movements, the delicate and flighty Canzonetta, and the tempestuous finale fit the brass quintet just as well as a string quartet , if not better. Mirari Plays the Great American Songbook. With names like Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, and George Gershwin on the menu, the Mirari Brass will play multiple instruments, act, and even sing a little bit.

The grand finale is a tribute to a musician that definitely belongs in the Great American Songbook if only he had been born two decades earlier. No matter—the music of Stevie Wonder is so good that its allowed to crash the concert! Music From The People. Although the brass quintet is a much more modern ensemble barely in existence before the midth century , the same types of influences can be found.

The Mirari Brass Quintet presents a program of music inspired by various types of folk and popular songs—works that sound like they should come from somewhere else but are in fact written originally for brass. A final set is all various types of dance music—multiple types of waltzes, a rhumba, and a blues inspired by the rhythms of a riq middle eastern tambourine. Not-So-Classical Brass. Tired of hearing Beethoven, Brahms, and Mozart?!

This program features music from the 20th and 21st centuries and explores the versatility of the brass quintet through more popular idioms. There is a touch of opera, musical theater, jazz, and even contemporary popular music. Walking in to hear a brass quintet, you might not expect to see names like Thad Jones, Charles Mingus, Stevie Wonder, or Imogen Heap on the program, but that is exactly what you get. It promises to be a fun and entertaining mixture of music performed at the highest level.

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We secretly always wanted to be in a cover band…. Music of Our Roots. American music at its core is an art based on synthesis, influenced by the tonal language and formal construction of Europe, the sound sets and improvisatory nature of African music, and the rhythmic grooves from Central and South America. Each of the works on this program draws in various ways from those roots and each comprises a unique combination of styles that interact in often unpredictable ways. As brass instruments can be found in nearly every genre of American music, the Mirari Brass Quintet is an ideal vehicle to interpret and present these works.

In addition, each of the composers featured here save one are from the Americas. Cheetham utilizes synthesis, borrowing concepts from many other prominent modern American composers in this work, including Bernstein, Copland, and Stravinsky, to create a fusion of musical ideas. Mirari continues with another new composition by Georgia composer Louis Romanos, a percussionist from New Orleans until uprooted by Hurricane Katrina best known for writing for film, live dance, and the Louis Romanos Quartet.

It continues by featuring tubist Stephanie Frye in a work by noted composer John Stevens. Another synthesis of styles, its five movements draw from bebop, waltz, tango, and the blues within contemporary classical forms. Finally, Mirari presents two tunes by bassist Charles Mingus, both radically different takes on the blues. Into the Mirror. Compared to string quartets, piano trios, and many other chamber groups, the brass quintet, as a serious genre of music, is still in its infancy. As such, the Mirari Brass Quintet has made it a key component of its mission to develop and expand the available repertoire by commissioning outside composers and creating its own new works.

Each of the pieces on this program was written for the group over the past five years, and in many cases composed specifically for the unique strengths and talents of each of the quintet members. The program centers around two very different works conceived for the group and written five years apart.

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New York-based composer and performer David Sisco completed his as-yet untitled work for Mirari Brass in Based on interviews with each member of the group, the first five movements each feature an individual Mirari member and are written around their life history, experiences, and interests. The final movement ties all the musical themes together in a cacophony of musical ideas and viewpoints, each unique but harmonious, proof that the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts. Appearing at first like merely a collection of obscured lines and points, the music is rotated and viewed from different vantage points until the scaffolding falls away, leaving only a starkly clear picture of buildings and towers.

In three elided movements, the piece uses a variety of extended techniques for brass such as slides, trills, and glissandi. Surrounding the Sisco and Nathan pieces are shorter vignettes from the lives and artistic sensibilities of the quintet members, each beginning as individual expression but over time being reborn and transformed by the collective. Public Concert. In eighteenth-century Europe, a growing demand for music outside of the aristocracy led to the creation of ticket-based concert series, available to anyone who could afford the steep price.

Audience members at these concerts would be treated to a wide variety of music from different performers and composers: symphonies, concerti, arias, and even oratorios. To achieve the effect of a larger array of performing musicians, the quintet will borrow many works from outside the standard brass vehicles, including choral, strings, opera, and jazz combo. As a modern fanfare, it is influenced both by contemporary American music and jazz.

Mirari then goes back in time with a set of Renaissance works originally for voice. Elegy , again by Alex Noppe, was written in for the memorial service of his grandmother. It presents a musical portrait of a woman who suffered from scoliosis her entire life, bent by the weight of the world but always strong and proud — never broken. An upbeat and enthusiastic rag gives way to a whimsical and twisted waltz with Peruvian flair, which requires some audience participation. The program closes with a set of new works written specifically for Mirari Brass, beginning with movements by David Sisco, which were conceived through detailed conversations with each group member about their backgrounds, personal histories, and musical interests.

Written with long, sonorous, but rhythmically insistent lines, it features both Matt Vangjel and Alex Noppe on flugelhorns. From the very first wild cadenza in the tuba to the raucous and intense ending, every member of the group has improvised solo space in this adaptation of a piece filled with infectious joy. James Boldin, University of Louisiana-Monroe.

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Equally at home performing everything from Renaissance transcriptions to Charles Mingus charts, the ensemble is quickly establishing itself as one of the premier groups of its kind. The Mirari Brass Quintet performs a dynamic mix of genres that delights. Beautifully executed and lots of fun! Cory Mixdorf, Georgia State University. Their performances are full of contagious musical expression, and their master classes are clear and simple, yet have a dramatic effect on the way students play with one another. Travis Bennett, Western Carolina University.

The variety and pacing of the selections kept the entire audience engaged. The original compositions and arrangements by trumpeter Alex Noppe are a great addition to the repertoire. The group demonstrated advanced knowledge and communication skills when working with the students, who were inspired to reach new levels in their own performances. Benedict Kloeckner Cello. Howard Blake composed a cello sonata for him and, in celebration of his 75th birthday, Blake invited Kloeckner to record his entire repertoire for cello and piano on Genuin Records.

Kloeckner is also grateful to Steven Isserlis, Gidon Kremer, Michael Sanderling, and Sir Andras Schiff for the musical insight and support they have offered for his artistic development. Between Nostalgia and Revolution. Inspired by Bach. Inspired by Bach explores the influence of Johann Sebastian Bach, a major influence to many composers, through two of the most beautiful cello sonatas of the repertoire.

Forgotten Romance. Sergei Rachmaninov wrote his Cello Sonata after a long personal and artistic crisis, in which he had to fight back his way to mental health and artistic creativity. A Dancing Miracle. Bach — Cello Suite No. They are inspired by fashionable court dances of the time and some musicologists also suspect a connection to biblical stories from the New Testament. Experiencing the complete cycle in one or optional two evenings is both an adventure for the listener and a challenge for the interpreter, with both facing some of the most virtuosic, emotionally deep, and musically genius art ever made.

Beethoven Cello Sonatas. Sonata in F major no. From Jewish Life. The melodies are often supported by augmented second intervals, creating declamatory phrasing and harmonies reminiscent of Impressionism. In between the phrases of the chorale, the cello plays recitative-like passages, which resemble the recitative of the Fantasia in the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, BWV , and quotes its final passage.

Profound and contrapuntally complex, the yearning lines and vivid contrasts of the melodies create variations of several tonal colors. Listening to the soulful first solo sonata, one has the impression that the tones refract through a prism to create a myriad of luminous forms. It would be no exaggeration to say it stands with the solo cello suites of J. Bach and Max Reger as some of the most significant music written for the instrument. Ripely romantic in spirit, the piece has a complex rhythmic structure, and displays a preview of the many masterworks Barber will add to the musical repertoire.

Viennese Genius. A melting pot for generations, Vienna is the home to some of the most renown and well-known composers.

This program celebrates these geniuses as well as some composers who have been all but forgotten by modern listeners. Karl Weigl was one the most celebrated and well respected late Romantic composers of his time in Vienna, before he, as a Jew, had to escape from the Nazis in The instrument is largely forgotten today, but the sonata lives on. We all have experienced this state of mind, but rarely has anyone expressed it in a more beautiful and moving way than these three masters of composition.

A Russian Journey. Emerging from great depth and darkness, it triumphs at the end in pure happiness and elation. Since then, cellists and violinists have had an on-going feud as to who can play it better! He paints with his music, lending melodies and rhythms colors that merge within moments, creating an enchanting, kaleidoscopic picture. Haydn Concerto No. Robert Volkmann Serenade No. Tchaikovsky Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. Shostakovich Concerto No.

Book Concert. Tesla Quartet — Meet the Teslas. Tesla Quartet — Community Outreach and Education. Tesla Quartet — Impressionism in Art and Music. Tesla Quartet — K Educational Offerings. Tesla Quartet — University Programs. The collaboration was born… Read More. Tesla Quartet News: Summer Exciting New Projects The Tesla Quartet will be touring with internationally acclaimed clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein in the — season in celebration of an album with Fiterstein to be released in fall on Orchid Classics. Tesla's… Read More. Ariel's artists are traveling around the globe this summer, delighting audiences from Brazil to China, and beyond!

Mobius Trio in… Read More. Benedict Kloeckner — Master Classes and Workshops. Renowned for their interpretations of the Eastern… Read More. Paragon Ragtime Orchestra. Keaton — Steamboat Bill, Jr. Paragon Silent Film. The Wall Street Journal. As… Read More. And later this fall, Delphi… Read More.

Ariel welcomes the Delphi Trio! This young piano trio is a brilliant addition to the roster, with sterling musical abilities, an abiding passion for new commissions and core repertoire, and an uncompromising… Read More. Jenny Q Chai — Master Classes. Jenny Q Chai — Encore Talk. Mobius… Read More. Jenny Q Chai prepares to make her Wigmore Hall debut, travels from Stanford to Shanghai with her multi-media projects, and more! An artist of electrifying vision and intellect, pianist Jenny Q Chai is known for her expressive technique and for the beauty of her programming, which explores the intersections of music with artificial intelligence,… Read More.

Jenny Q Chai's "Acqua Alta" project and new album release An artist of electrifying vision and intellect, pianist Jenny Q Chai is known for her expressive technique and for the beauty of her programming, which explores the intersections of music with artificial intelligence, history, visual art, and… Read More.

This Friday, Chai and her… Read More. Bernstein — Candide Overture Debussy — Six Epigraphes Antiques Shapero — Sonata for Piano 4 Hands — Intermission — Stravinsky — The Rite of Spring Mind Meld brings together stunning duet works by four noted 20th century composers and pianists who knew each other, learned from each other, and sometimes shared the bench. Pablo Ortiz Piano Duet Concerto. Carl Vine Piano Duet Concerto. Tesla Quartet. Rachel Lee Priday. Two programs as a retrospective on WWI and beyond.

Rachel Lee Priday — Up Close. Priday kicked off her summer season… Read More. A Unison setting by Tim Knight of the lovely Welsh Tune, Suo Gan , with an optional second part in the second verse, ideal for young choirs or as a duet.

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    Digital Sheet Music. Sheet music delivery Buy online. Buy sheet music online. Post mailing Digital sheet music. Content :? Suo Gan. Arranged by Douglas E. Concert Band. For Concert Band. Pop Young Band. Similar items. Listen Details. Grade 2. Conductor Score and Part. For Full Orchestra. Full Orchestra. Pop Intermediate Full Orchestra.

    Level: 2. By Carl Strommen. Concert Band; Part s ; Score. Young Symphonic. Published by Alfred Music Publishing. Arranged by Victor Lopez. Pop Concert Full Orchestra. Light Concert. By Robert Schumann. Edited by Willard A. For Piano. Piano Solo. Published by Alfred Publishing. Marching Band. Mega Sounds for Marching Band. Grade 3. Conductor Score and Parts. Original Sheet Music Edition. Arranged by Dan Coates. Piano Solo - Popular Sheet.

    Level: Easy Piano. With Optional Duet Accompaniment. Arranged by Tom Gerou. Level: Elementary. By Soon Hee Newbold. Arranged by Soon Hee Newbold. String Orchestra.